3 Questions You Should Ask Your Mover

It may be hard to select the best removalists from the huge array of removal companies available in your area. This article discusses some of the questions that you should ask the firm or individual that you wish to hire for your removal.

Are You a Broker or a Removal Company?

Some firms or individuals may be brokers who find clients for removal companies. It is important for you to seek clarification on whether you are dealing with a broker or removalists. This clarification will help you in different ways, such as knowing whether that individual can give you a binding quote for your removal. Dealing with a broker may also have an implication on how much you pay for the removal. This is because the broker's fee could be added (directly or indirectly) to the bill given to you by the removalists that he or she links you to.

Will My Belongings Be Transferred?

This question is especially important in case you are planning for a long distance move, such as a removal that involves crossing state borders. Some removalists may transfer your belongings from one moving truck to another during the removal process. Such transfers may increase the chance that your property could be damaged as it is handled several times during the process. It may be more prudent for you to select a removal company that does not transfer your belongings to another truck unless the original one is unable to complete the journey, such as when it breaks down on the way.

What is the Policy Regarding Damaged Property?

It is important for you to know upfront how much damage the removal company is willing to cover. This information will enable you to make an informed decision regarding the sufficiency of the insurance provided. You may decide to get extra insurance coverage from third party insurance firms in case you are not satisfied with the magnitude of coverage provided by the removal company. You may also need to find out what the reimbursement policy of the removalists is. Some firms may ask you to meet the cost of the repairs and then later forward the payment receipts to them for reimbursement. Others may offer to pay for the repairs directly. Pick the company whose policy addresses your needs.

Use the questions above to select the best removalists in your area. The effort that you put into that selection process will be rewarded when your removal takes place without a hitch.