Different Packaging Supplies You Can Consider When Moving House

Generally, when homeowners consider packing supplies for their move, they tend to gravitate toward cardboard moving boxes. Although these boxes are functional, they are not the only packing supplies that you are limited to. Here are some of the different packaging supplies that you can consider when you are moving house.

Pallets and crates as packaging supplies

If you are moving house into a smaller space, you will undoubtedly have to consider long term storage for your items that may not fit in your new residence. When putting items away into self-storage, it is not advisable to do it in cardboard boxes. This is because these boxes are not structurally viable to keep your goods secure as they have the propensity to succumb to damage in the event there are temperature changes, moisture and more in the storage facility. As such, it would be a good idea to consider pallets and crates as additional packaging supplies. With crates, you can rest assured that you can stack your belongings while they are in storage and not have to worry about the crates collapsing in on themselves due to the vertical weight.

Pallets, on the other hand, will ensure that your belongings are stored on a raised surface. This decreases the chances of them acquiring water damage in the unfortunate event that a leak or a flood is to occur in the storage facility. Crates come in a wide array of materials ranging from timber to plastic. Therefore, you can rest assured you can find crates that not only fit within your budget but also are suitable to your belongings' needs.

Shrink-wrap as packaging supplies

Another packaging supply that some homeowners tend to overlook is shrink-wrap. This material can be used as both a primary and secondary packaging. Primary packaging means that this is the only material you would use to secure your belongings. It is ideal for primary packaging if you would like to seal oddly shaped items such as coffee tables or mementos The shrink wrap will protect the items from unnecessary superficial damage on your items during the moving process such as scratches.

On the other hand, you can use it as secondary packaging to prevent dust from making its way into electrical devices such as stereo systems and more. This way, the electrical devices will be safe during the relocation process or if you decide to keep them in storage.