Things to do When Storing Your Motorcycle For the Winter

If you have a motorcycle, you probably use it plenty when the weather is warm, but rarely in the winter. When you don't have room to store it properly in your garage, a self-storage unit is the next best thing. Here are some ways to prepare for storing your motorcycle in a storage unit.

Keep the Motorcycle Off the Ground

After you have chosen the right storage unit, you will then need to figure out a good place in the storage unit to keep the motorcycle. One of the most important things to remember is that the cold ground is not going to be the ideal place. It can have a negative effect on the tires due to sitting on that cold ground over weeks or even months. A better option is to elevate the motorcycle by placing it on a wooden pallet. If you can't get your hands on a pallet, either place it on some wood boards or at least on top of cardboard so it doesn't have direct contact with the ground.

Remove the Battery

Before you start getting into routine maintenance to keep your motorcycle in good condition while being stored, you should first remove the battery. The battery can die while remaining in the motorcycle if you don't return to the storage unit every few weeks to start up the motorcycle and charge the battery. This can be a burden over time when you have to keep remembering to return to the storage facility, especially if it isn't close to you or you decide to go on vacation during the winter season. A better option is to remove it and keep it at home where you can use a battery charger every few weeks from your garage.

Perform Regular Maintenance Beforehand

A few other things also need to be done to the motorcycle in order to get it ready for long-term storage. First of all, it is good to wash the motorcycle before storing it so buildup of debris or dirt doesn't start corroding the body of the bike. After you have done that, change the oil and the oil filter to get the engine ready for storage. You also want to apply a fuel stabiliser in the gas tank after filling it up in order to prevent excess moisture.

Choose the Right Type of Storage Unit

Storing a motorcycle is all about the type of unit you choose. Try to find a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. These allow you to have full control over the temperature and humidity levels to avoid corrosion and keep pests out. With a motorcycle, aim for drive-up access so you can get to the motorcycle easily without trying to figure out how to get it upstairs or up an elevator. And it is always a good idea to have a storage facility with exceptional security.