Tips to Help You Pack Up Well for Your House Move

Planning for a house move can lead to mixed feelings. On one side, you may be extremely excited about beginning life at your new residence: a bigger yard to host more guests for your weekend get-togethers, a new pool area to relax with your family, a more secure neighbourhood for your property and so on.

On the flip side, you can be really stressed out about ensuring that the move is conducted as safely and efficiently as it possibly can be: After all, there's always the possibility that your things can get damaged.

If you can heed the following advice correctly, you stand a good chance of ensuring that your household belongings are unpacked in the same condition they were in before being packed up.

Use the right packing supplies

One of the ways to ensure that your household stuff is properly packed up is by using the right packing supplies. These supplies include packing boxes, bubble wrap, tape, foam sheet, etc. It is not enough to have packing boxes; rather, you should ensure that the boxes are large and strong enough to hold the items you intend to store inside.

As for fragile items, like glassware and glass figurines, make sure that you use bubble wrap to cushion individual items from breakages. Put sheets of crumpled newspaper between individual items to prevent scratching.

Pack up boxes correctly

How you pack up boxes will determine whether or not the content of the boxes arrives at your new place in good shape. As a general rule, heavy items should be placed at the bottom of your packing boxes while lightweight ones should go to the top. This way, the heavier items won't exert their weight on the lighter ones, possibly leading to damage.

Additionally, packing boxes should neither be overfilled nor should there be any space left at the top of the boxes. Why? Because jammed boxes will make it difficult to properly close and seal the boxes with packing tape, and any space left inside packed boxes will allow for the items inside to shift, potentially resulting in damage. Any space that may remain inside packed boxes should be filled up with protective material, such as towels, clothes, small blankets, etc.  

Provided you have the correct packing supplies and know how to pack up your boxes properly, you won't have to worry about the possibility of incurring huge losses due to damaged household items when you're moving house.

However, if you'd rather leave the packing to professionals, contact removalists in your area.