The Need for Speed: How to Move When You Have Very Little Time

There are countless articles online about how to streamline and organise your move, but what if organisation isn't your number one goal? What if speed is what you need? If you have to be out quickly, you should ignore most conventional removals advice and embrace these tips instead:

1. Skip the sorting and donating.

Most tips related to moving advise you to sort all of your stuff before packing. Skip it. You don't have time to be waylaid by decisions about whether or not to keep your children's baby clothes or the jeans you don't fit into anymore. You also don't have time to drive to charity shops. Throw away utter rubbish, but pack everything else and sort it when you are at your new home.

2. Do not skimp on boxes or tape.

If you want to be fast, you don't want to waste time looking for free boxes at grocery and liquor stores. Instead, cut your time way down, walk into a moving supply store and buy a big stack of moving boxes. Most removals companies can help you estimate how many boxes you need based on the size of your home.

Unless you absolutely have to, do not pack your stuff in bags and odd shaped boxes. They are hard to stack, and ultimately, they will slow you down, Also, get twice as much tape as you think you need. Again, you don't want to run out and have to go to the store.

3. Pack a few days worth of essentials.

Before you start packing your house, give every person in your home a small carry-on bag, and have them pack their essentials (clothing, beauty products, and a few toys and books). Then, put one box in your kitchen and fill it with the food you'll need to survive for a few days.

4. Pack everything else room by room.

Now that you have set aside your essentials, pack everything else in the house. Go room by room, and do not sort anything. Sorting wastes time. In the kitchen, open a cupboard, pack until the box is full, and move to the next cupboard. If you have trouble staying on track, start on one side of the room and work toward the opposite side of the room. Don't skip anything in your path because you don't want to waste time covering the same ground twice.

Repeat the process for every room in your home, and remember to label the boxes clearly by room. When you get to your new home, have the removalists put the boxes in their destined rooms, and unpacking should be a breeze.

5. Turn it over to the pros.

If the idea of moving quickly seems too daunting, turn it over to the pros. Contact professional movers, and have them come in, pack your stuff and take it to your new location. It is the fastest and easiest way to move.