3 Tips for Preventing Mold and Mildew in a Self-Storage Unit

When you have a self-storage unit, you think a lot about how to organize it, what to store, and ways to keep pests out. You should also be aware of the risks of mould and mildew in the storage unit, which can affect the items you are storing. Here are some tips for preventing mould and mildew in the storage unit.

Make Sure Appliances Are Dry When Being Stored

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are not bringing in extra moisture to the storage unit. Mildew and mould is bred by extra moisture and water, which is sometimes due to the items you are storing. For example, if you are storing appliances like a washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher, they must be emptied and dried out without a hint of moisture, otherwise you will ruin the appliance with mould and cause the moisture to leak out to other parts of the storage unit. Keep the doors of these appliances open to air them out and keep them dry while they are in the storage unit.

Get a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If the storage facility you are renting from has climate-controlled units, that will definitely benefit you. You will be able to control the temperature and humidity level in the unit, which can help prevent mould and mildew from forming. With traditional storage units, there is only so much that can be done. But if there is too much humidity due to the outdoor climate conditions, you will be at the mercy of less effective means. You may be paying a little more for a climate-controlled unit, but you benefit by protecting the items being stored and not having to replace them due to mildew damage.

Hang Desiccant Packs to Reduce the Moisture

It also helps to dry out the storage unit with desiccant packs. You can make them yourself by filling a piece of fabric with silica crystals, which can help to absorb extra moisture. Close up the fabric pouch and hang it in the storage unit. It should help capture some of the extra moisture from humidity. You can hang more than one or keep re-filling them with new silica gel crystals as needed.

Make sure you are careful what you store in the self-storage unit to be sure nothing will get ruined from extra moisture. For more information, contact a storage company like Dawson Moving