Essential Tips for Packing Your Garage Before Moving

Moving house can be a stressful experience if you don't plan ahead properly. One good way to plan is by packing areas of your home that prove to be a little more difficult than others. Your garage is likely one of them. If you are like most people, your garage is filled with boxes and random items that you don't really have a place for. Here are some tips for getting the garage organised and packed up before your move.

Check Current Packed Boxes for Pests

The first thing you should do is look around at the boxes in your garage and start to go through them. Even if these boxes are packed up and sealed, it is a good idea to go through them. You never know what you will find, whether you find items you don't want to keep and are better off giving away, or pests that need to be taken care of first. You shouldn't be bringing along spiders and mice to your new home. It is well worth it to start packing extra early by going through the boxes in your garage.

Upgrade the Boxes and Containers

When you begin emptying the boxes in the garage to go through them, consider whether each box should be saved or thrown away. If you have had some of these boxes during your last few moves, it is a good time to get rid of them. Put all old, bent, and flimsy cardboard boxes into the recycle pile and get new ones. As you begin sorting items you want to save, consider whether these items should go into cardboard or plastic bins. If items like antiques, books, or clothing are going into a storage unit, you might consider protecting them by putting them into plastic storage bins.

Know What Can't be Packed

There might be a wide range of items in your garage that a removalist company won't allow on their truck. It is best to keep these items out or in a separate box so you can transport them yourself. Some of them it is better to dispose of safely and replace when you get to your new home. Some items that shouldn't be packed and put in a moving truck include paint, paint thinner, antifreeze, motor oil, and propane tanks. Many moving companies also do not allow car batteries, certain cleaning chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers in their truck. Find out from the moving company before packing any of these items.