Top Tips for Keeping Your Moving Costs Down

Whether you're moving into your first home or moving from your current house to a new one, you've probably had to spend a lot and could do with saving a few bucks. These tips should help you move as cheaply as possible. 

DIY It All

If you feel confident driving a large vehicle, the cheapest option for your move may be to hire a van and do it all yourself. If you're not sure about the van driving, then ask friends and family to see if anybody is willing to do it for you. Doing it yourself, of course, involves packing, loading and unloading all your belongings. Here, you'll be want to engage as many family members and friends as possible. Consider sweetening the deal by offering to feed them and keep them watered while they're helping you out. 

DIY the Packing

The great thing about hiring removalists is that the more you can spend, the more of the job they'll do for you. Some will provide all packing materials while advising you on how to pack. Some will pack your home up for you in labelled boxes that make unpacking at the other end easier. But, you don't need those services. You can save a lot of money doing the packing yourself. If you're organised and follow one of the many online guides on moving, you'll be able to do the job as well as any professional. You can then look for cheap removalists who will simply load and drive your belongings from A to B. 

To minimise the cost of packing materials, check online recycling sites. Many people want to unload moving boxes and materials after they've moved and will give them to you for free. Even if you have to buy your own boxes, the outlay for these is always going to be cheaper than the cost of a removal service that does it all for you. Be sure to check that any cheap removalists you hire have adequate insurance to cover your belongings while they're moving them.  

Declutter and Unload

If you tend to hoard things you rarely use, consider having a big clear out in advance of the move. There's nothing worse than paying to move things you shouldn't even be keeping. Clear out and have a yard sale instead. One man's junk is another man's treasure and your junk may make you enough money to cover some or all of the moving costs.

Time It Right

If you have some flexibility on dates for moving into your new home, then make this work in your favour. Check with removalist companies to see when they're cheapest. For example, a midweek move is likely to be cheaper than a weekend one. Likewise, they may be cheaper in the middle of the month than at the beginning and end. It may not be a huge saving but every bit helps.