Protecting Your Items from Fire While in Storage

It's not as though self-storage units are under constant threat from fire, but this isn't to suggest that there's no risk. Given the density of flammable materials stored at these facilities, such a fire can be devastating. Perhaps the only comfort after a storage unit fire is that the site housed peoples' possessions, rather than people themselves. Still, if you already rent a storage unit, or are in need of one, do you need to take steps to protect your items against fire? [Read More]

Need To Move During The Winter? How To Prepare For The Weather

If you're like most people, you try to schedule your residential moves for spring and summer. After all, that's when the weather is the most accommodating. Unfortunately, there are times when you can't help but move during the fall or winter. For those times, you need to take special steps to avoid major weather-related issues. If you're facing a winter move this year, now's the time to get those preparations in order. [Read More]

Essential Aspects to Look for in a Household Removalist

Moving is a challenging experience regardless of how many times you have moved houses. It is even a bigger challenge to relocate years' worth of items to a new place. Furniture and appliances, in particular, make moving a nightmare due to their bulkiness. While you might be tempted to move your belongings, you should enlist the services of household removalists. Experienced household removalists boast decent organising and planning skills that help transition to a new house. [Read More]

How Removalists Overcome Various Removal Challenges

Moving homes can present multiple challenges that could complicate the removal process. Luckily for you, an experienced removalist can help you overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless move. This article explores some of the challenges you could face when moving your home and how the removalist handles these issues.  Too Many Items Over the years, you will have purchased new household items without selling or disposing of old and defective equipment. [Read More]