Things to do When Storing Your Motorcycle For the Winter

If you have a motorcycle, you probably use it plenty when the weather is warm, but rarely in the winter. When you don't have room to store it properly in your garage, a self-storage unit is the next best thing. Here are some ways to prepare for storing your motorcycle in a storage unit. Keep the Motorcycle Off the Ground After you have chosen the right storage unit, you will then need to figure out a good place in the storage unit to keep the motorcycle. [Read More]

Tips to Help You Pack Up Well for Your House Move

Planning for a house move can lead to mixed feelings. On one side, you may be extremely excited about beginning life at your new residence: a bigger yard to host more guests for your weekend get-togethers, a new pool area to relax with your family, a more secure neighbourhood for your property and so on. On the flip side, you can be really stressed out about ensuring that the move is conducted as safely and efficiently as it possibly can be: After all, there's always the possibility that your things can get damaged. [Read More]

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Removalist

Moving house is a huge undertaking, and it's important to ensure that you have partnered with the right service provider so that everything advances according to plan. You leave your removalist in charge of all your valuable possessions; therefore, you have to think carefully and consider all relevant points. Below are five of the most important questions that should be answered before making your final decision: 1. How long have you been in service? [Read More]

Possible Modifications That Can Be Done to Make Standard Shipping Containers Ideal for Warehousing

Are running out of space to store your extra stock of goods? Well, custom made containers can be an easy way out. They can be an inexpensive option compared to renting a warehouse or having to build one from the ground up. In their natural state, standard shipping containers may not be very good for storing all goods for a very long time. This necessitates some modifications that will make the container conducive for your specific storage needs. [Read More]