Furniture Removals Guide: How to Prepare For the Removals Day

If you have not moved your home in the past, you could be a bit anxious about the removals day. Most people do not know what to expect and how to prepare for the removals date. Below is an excerpt discussing how to prepare for the removals day. Hopefully, it will help reduce your anxiety and ensure an organised move. 

Consider Moving Regulations

It is an essential aspect of any residential move. Contact your property manager to know if there are regulations on how tenants should move. For instance, you could be required to move early in the morning or late at night to ensure you do not disturb other tenants. When moving interstate, check the quarantine restrictions. For example, you could be prohibited from carrying certain pets (such as reptiles), plants and food products such as honey to certain states. 

Check In With the Removalist

A few days before the move, contact your removalist and remind them of your previous arrangement. Inform the removalist of any changes that you have made to the plan. For example, it could be you would want the removalist to arrive earlier than agreed. Alternatively, you could require temporary storage space. The removalist will also update you on your payments and inform you of any extra charges. 

Organise Valuables and Essentials 

In most cases, the removalist will ask you to move your valuables and sensitive documents. Preferably, you should pack these items a few hours before the removalist arrives. Remember, you could have a difficult time locating and packing your items once the removalist arrives. Additionally, pack a box of essential items that you need before unpacking your items. For example, you could need toiletries, some snacks and clothes. 

Parking Considerations

Assess the parking area and choose an appropriate parking space for the removals truck. Ideally, the parking slot should be as close as possible to the exit. It helps ease the loading process. If you live along a busy street, you may need to pay and reserve the parking slot before the removalist arrives. 

Welcoming and Supervising the Removalist

Once the removalists arrive, welcome them into your home and show them the various rooms. Inform the removalist if you have any requests regarding the packing process. For example, you could show the removalist which items will go into storage. Supervise the removalists and provide them with manuals to help them pack electronics, disassemble and assemble your furniture. 

These tips will help you feel more prepared for your moving date. To learn more, contact local removalists