Top technology solutions that will help you manage your furniture while moving

As much as you may love your upholstered chairs and luxurious bed, hauling such items on moving day can be a headache. There are many resources that offer tips on safely moving heavy furniture. However, few consider the impact that technology has had on the removals process.

Modern solutions provide innovative services to help you keep track of furniture, obtain assistance while moving and even file a claim if your items are damaged. Being aware of these solutions will simplify the moving process and help you take better care of your furniture.

Digital scheduling with movers

Scheduling issues are a common reason why moving can become stressful. Even when your furniture is ready for loading and transportation, delays on moving day may result in a variety of complications. For example, you may need to seek alternative transportation, thus messing up your moving schedule. You may also lack access to reliable equipment such as dollies, furniture pads and packing supplies. This will eventually expose your delicate items to scratches, scuffs and breakage.

The good news is that you can use digital tools to ensure smooth scheduling. Furniture removalists provide responsive websites, mobile apps and real-time communication to ensure that you've chosen the best possible date and time for moving. And if last-minute changes are necessary, these solutions make rescheduling easy to request and confirm.

Inventory management

When moving from a large home, you may have many different items to keep track of. Most furniture removalists do a great job of organising your belongings and making sure they're being transported safely.

However, you can gain even more control of the process by using inventory management apps. These apps are specifically designed for movers, and they come packed with features that help you keep track of each item. In this way, offloading furniture and rearranging your new home will be a much easier task to accomplish.  

Real estate websites

Furniture management will be difficult if you can't find the right property when moving. For example, a significantly undersized home will cause you to try and save space by squeezing large items into smaller rooms. Without proper planning, you may end up losing pieces of furniture while damaging others.

Real estate websites make it easier for you to find just the right home for your needs. Even when moving across state lines, you have access to high-quality images and videos that help you decide where each item will go. Furthermore, augmented reality and virtual reality features make it easier for you to measure dimensions, make stylistic decisions and customise your furniture as necessary.

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