Plan to Get Sizing Right For Moving Items into Storage Units

Planning is everything, and with a good plan in place, there is not much that can go wrong when it comes to renting and moving your items into storage units. Failing to plan will only result in you making mistakes, some of which may be quite costly.

Here is a rundown of how to ensure that you get things right when moving into storage units and why it is essential that you actively plan for the move.

Get the Storage Unit Size Right

Storage units come in a wide range of sizes. For the sake of economics, among other reasons, you must get a storage unit sized to best match your storage needs. If you get a unit that is too big, you will still end up paying for all that extra, unused space. On the other hand, if you pick a unit that is too small, you will be forced to rent an additional unit to accommodate the overflow. Hiring multiple units is usually more expensive than hiring one unit that is of the right size.

Granted, it is not exactly easy to estimate how much storage space you need. However, it's much easier to do so when you are all packed up and looking at boxes compared to when your items are all over the place. As such, you can pack up early and only book your storage units after carefully considering the number of boxes and other packed items such as furniture.

Get the Moving Vehicle Size Right

Can the moving vehicle you choose get into your storage units or even the facility itself? This is another element that most people neglect to consider but which if you get right can make moving into the unit quite easy and stress-free.

If you are worried about your moving truck being too big, it's best to clear all doubts beforehand. Do a visual inspection during your visit to the storage facility. Ask about clearance distances, both width and height, when it comes to accessing the facility and your chosen storage units. You should then compare these clearances with the dimensions of your moving truck to see if they are a match. Otherwise, you'll be forced to unload the truck too far away from your storage units and look for alternative means to get your load into the units.

Plan everything. As outlined, a good plan will give you the confidence to look forward to a hassle-free experience and avoid spending too much when moving your items into storage units.

To learn more, contact a storage facility.